Why eLearning   
Why E-Lerning
Why eLearning

ACCI, as an organization, recognized several benefits to offering its evidence-based cognitive life skills courses over the Internet. As we carefully considered all the available tools and options, we decided that eLearning is the best way to make our curriculum available in an electronic format. It is a big step forward for us, which has opened the door to many new and exciting curriculum development opportunities. See for yourself, take the interactive eLearning demo. Here are some reasons why we hopped on board with eLearning:

  • The next generation is Internet savvy
  • Going digital is eco-friendly
  • eLearning allows the learner to interact with the content in creative ways that are not available through hard copy courses
  • There is no waiting period for a course to arrive in the mail and therefore no cost for postage
  • Integrating and infusing the latest and greatest cognitive restructuring science into our courses can be done on demand and without disruptions to learners